Is FindMusic safe
Yes FindMusic is absolutely safe and does not include any kind of malware or virus.

How can I update the app ?
Whenever there is a new version of the application we will notify you and ask you to update. However you can always check for new updates from within the app by going to Right drawer menu and clicking on Check for update button. Click on the update button to download the latest update and then install it.

Can I share any audio or video file through Videoder ?
Yes, you can share any audio or video file to your Social Media or contacts or through bluetooth (and many more) from FindMusic itself.

Does uninstalling the app or clearing app data delete all my downloaded files ?
No, all the downloaded data remains in the FndMusic folder(default) or any the folder you have selected even if you uninstall the app or clear app data.

How can I save my files to external storage ?
You can change your storage location by Going to the right drawer menu > settings > change default path and then selecting where you want to download your files.

Is newvideodownload available on PC ?
Yes, You can download FindMusic for Pc.